Gracious Awakening - 14.50 $

Mankind is on the verge of an unprecendented shift in consciousness. We are all about to enter a period of great change, filled with love and light, as prophesised by the many of the ancients.

This book will not only change the way you think, but prepare you for the challenges many people face as we head towards mankind's spiritual awakening.

109 Pages - easy reading!

Path to Harmony - A Practical Guide to Happiness Book - 12.50 $

Through his warmth, compassion and understanding, Trevor Gollagher teaches us to live a life of love and happiness.

Throughout this book Trevor offers practical insight into happiness and reveals clear pathways to a fulfilled life now and in the future.

This 178 page book conveys clear and simple information on the process of letting go of negative emotions and conditioning.

The 12 Secret Keys to a Fulfilled Life - 8.50 $

This book has been written to help people gain a higher quality of happiness and fulfillment within their lives.

Clear and concise a must read

The Activation of the Planetary Heart Resonance Grid - 12.00 $

Introducing the most profound change in the Heart Resonance system for years – The Activation of the Planetary and Personal Heart Resonance Grids.

During a recent trip to Mount Shasta, USA, whilst sitting in a cedar forest meditating, Trevor received a powerful new activation of Heart Resonance.

This experience opened powerful, harmonic matrixes of energy throughout the planet and him.

Since this activation has occurred, Trevor has been given the ability to conduct these same activations on others, thereby initiating the release of resisting energy that hinder a person’s upliftment into ascension.

This book gives exceptional insight into this profound new energy.

Essential reading for all Heart Resonance and lay people alike.