Aromatherapy - self-learn workshop - 15.00 $

This Self-Learn Workshop is designed to give you a good foundation in the art of essential oil use.

This course covers:

  • Essential Oil Safety
  • Guidlines for Use
  • Dosage Recommendations
  • Methods of Administration
  • Carrier Oils
  • Essential Oil Profiles covering their properties & function.
  • Spiritual & Energetic Aromatherapy
  • Chakra Oils
  • And much more...

Easy to follow and learn. Great concise course to learn all about aromatherapy.

Priced at only $15 to allow all people access to this wonderful modality.

Harmonic Sound Healing self-learn workshop - 15 $

Harmonic Sound Healing 

Fotolia 37382808 XSEver wanted to be a Sound Healer?

Learn to dissolve negativity. Experience Bliss!

This easy to learn course gives you the skills to use the human voice as a powerful healing tool. 

Here is some of what you learn:

  • Why using the Human Voice is the Best Sound Healing Tool
  • How does Sound Heal?
  • The Power of Intention & Attention
  • Learn to Create a Set of Tones Specifically for your Energy System
  • Learn to Create Powerful Harmonic Tones for Healing Self & Others
  • Sacred Vowels, Chants, & Mantras
  • Group Toning Practices
  • Powerful Sound Meditations
  • Chakra Tones for Balancing and Healing
  • much much more...

The use of sounds, especially harmonic overtones will help you to live in harmony and balance.

 You can also conduct powerful healing sessions on others as well.


get started right now by following this link - Sound Healing


Meditation - Self-Learn Workshop - 15.00 $

Another wonderful course from the "Self Learn Workshop" series. This course is on the subject of meditation.

The course contains information and simple, easy to follow meditations that will greatly improve the quality of your life if used.

Learn the benefits of meditation, what it does to your body, how to keep regular practice and much more. The course removes the mystery of meditation, giving you practical methods that anyone can successfully use.