Template Ascension Alignment


ggyfygfwThe Template Ascension Alignment is a new activation I recently have been given from spirit.

The templates are not your etheric blueprint or energy bodies/auric fields.

These template fields of energy hold the structures and formatting of your life. They also have a direct link to your DNA, and your cells ability to absorb conscious light energy.

Depending on how energetically polluted your templates are, and what spiritual coding you have been wired within them, will determine your level of intake of light.

Depending on how much light your DNA and cells are wired to receive, will determine what experiences you potentially can experience in this incarnation.

Higher levels of spiritual light always impacts on your sense of awareness, perception, and who you are.

Regardless of what coding you have within your templates, with the coming of the new ascended age, we will all be exposed more and more to higher light.

With the intensification of higher vibrational light, we will reach a point of intensity that will entrain and dissolve lower fear-based frequency within our being.

This will bring new experiences to the masses. All experience will enter into a vibrational field of love base potentials, and eventually remove all fear and resistence.


Template Ascension Alignment


I have been given from spirit a powerful activation to prepare the DNA and light structures in your body.

This activation/process takes about 20 mins to complete.

What is done during this activation is a cleaning out of the polluted energies within templates, cell structures, and DNA.

Once this is done, a re-configuring of bio photon functionality is instigated within these layers/structures.


This is part of the prepatory phase of the activation.


A vibrational matching is then done with the greater light field of the universe. Part of this process is accelerating your template energy evolution, by bringing it forward into its new, spiritually evolved, ascended functionality and state.


I know this all sound a little bit cosmic, and HEY, IT IS!


So what does this all mean for your day-to-day life?


This will allow your body to process better whatever it is you are energetically throwing at it - emotions, energetic and physical toxins, energy linkages and connections.

It also accerlerates your energy system allowing you to function from a higher light field. This has enormous ramifications for your spiritual journey and process of moving into your ascension.

It will also clear many out-dated energy linkages to old patterns, past lives and cosmics debris you have accumulated along your soul's journey.


In a sense it will purge and purify your human suit, allowing your soul to shine.


This activation is not for everyone. Listen to your intuition, you will know if it is right for you. 

If you feel drawn to receive this activation, I can conduct it in person or via skype anywhere in the world. The cost is $88

Contact me via email to book a session time - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


Here is what one person has experienced as a result of the activation

HRT photos024-copy edited"So if I had to describe to someone what the template transmission has given me...  I would say more guidance, clarity of God in everything and the ability to access this unlimited supply of powerful energy because I have experienced a deep and profound opening of the heart to Spirit".

Susan Turner, Surrey, BC Canada